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Oitis booking software

The Oitis booking system is the perfect solution for all your needs

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  • For renting products
  • For booking services
  • Saving time
  • Let customers make reservations 24/7

Oitis is a web-based reservation system that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device, regardless of time and place. Each rental property has its own column on the calendar, so control and the overall look are clear. Easily rent goods, services, anything.

Save time and let the customer book directly from your website. We offer an additional feature that allows customers to book bookings directly from your own website. This will display the contact details and the time of booking directly in the system. If for some reason you do not want an add-on to your own pages, you will also automatically have access to your own Oitis page, through which customers can make reservations.

The Oitis booking system ensures that reservations are up-to-date and that no duplicate reservations can be created. The system also manages cancellation times.

Ajanvarausjärjestelmä kalenteri

Easy to use calendar

Each employee or product has its own column in the calendar. Absences and opening hours are self-determined.


Booking management

Bookings are easy to manage and edit later. For example, transferring reservations to another time is easily accomplished by either dragging or opening the reservation and changing the time.

Joustava ulkoasu

Flexible layout

It is possible to customize the layout of the system according to your needs, for example in terms of daily, weekly and monthly views, as well as colors, text and other functions.

Asiakkalle viestintä

Communication to the customer

The system facilitates communication with customers through automatic booking confirmations, cancellation notifications and reminders.

Optimoitu kaikille laitteille

Optimized for all devices

Thanks to the responsive design, the system also works smoothly on mobile devices. Well over half of internet traffic comes from mobile users.



It is possible to create your own Calendar views for different locations and offices. Employees can be at different locations on different days, or change locations even in the middle of the day.


Online payments

If necessary, you will have access to payment functions that allow the customer to pay for the reservation directly at the time of booking.

Jatkuva kehitys

Continuous development and customization

We are constantly developing the system and listening to our customers' wishes. If you have any ideas for development, please feel free to contact us! We are able to tailor the system to the needs of your company.

Embeddable calendar for websites

Embeddable plugin to be added to any existing website. This way the customer can book directly from your website. The plugin is easily integrated by adding a small snippet of code to your pages. We will provide clear instructions for this and help with the installation.

With the help of the plugin, product information and prices can be obtained directly from the appointment system into your page and the customer can easily make a reservation. Booking information is displayed in real time on the system.

  • Embeddable website plugin.
  • Very easy and effortless to set up.
  • Product information and prices directly from the system to your own pages.
  • As part of another site, information based on the look and color scheme of your site.
  • Receive bookings 24/7 and collect prepayments from your customers.
  • We also offer an API option for more challenging solutions.
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